Cryptos may destabilise fiat

The assumption in some quarters is that crypto-currencies will replace gold as money, or at least challenge it. This is an error borne out of a misunderstanding of catallactics, ... Read More
sp 500 analysis

S&P500 Undergoing a Bearish Reversal

S&P500 has turned down from 2596 level where we see a top formation of a wave five after an Elliott wave ending diagonal since end of October. That’s a ... Read More
4h eurusd analysis

EURUSD Still Looking Lower, Towards 1.1450/1.1500 Region

EURUSD has turned lower in the last few weeks and it appears that there is more weakness ahead within wave 3)/C), towards 1.1450/1.1500 region. Reason for more downside is ... Read More
4h usd dx

IS USD Index Going Up or Down?

On the daily chart of USD Index we see price looking bearish. We can see that price since January 2017 unfolded and completed three bearish waves. Well we know ... Read More
GOLD bars

Gold, Goldmoney and Menē

Gold, ornamentation and money: that was the sequence of events. Man discovered gold, found it malleable, durable and attractive. It was first used for ornamentation, then as social economics ... Read More
OIL price analysis

Elliott Wave Analysis: USD Index and Crude oil Update

USD Index broke to a new high of the month recently, so we have to respect what the market is doing and go with the flow. It’s a sharp ... Read More
usdcad analysis

Elliott Wave Analysis: GBPUSD and USDCAD Look

  Elliott Wave Analysis: GBPUSD and USDCAD Look After some weakness down to 1.3070 on cable last week we also saw a nice bounce recently back above 1.3200, which ... Read More

Fragmenting Countries, Part 1: Catalonia Is Just The Beginning

Picture a life where you do most of your shopping through and the local farmers’ market, most of your communicating through Facebook and Instagram, much of your travel ... Read More
oil gold

Oil for gold – the real story

Following an article in the Nikkei Asia Review, which reported China will shortly introduce an oil futures contract priced in yuan, there has been some confusion about what it ... Read More
dax analysis

Elliott Wave Analysis: German DAX Looking For Final Bullish Wave

Elliott Wave Analysis: German DAX Looking For Final Bullish Wave Here we see price trading in a bullish impulse, with price specifically trading at the end of wave 4). ... Read More
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