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Elliott wave Analysis: USDCHF Breaking Lower, while EURUSD and EURAUD Heading Up

We can see some bullish momentum on EURUSD coming in this week, away from 1.2200 area while USD index is moving south and causing dollar weakness on most of ... Read More
eurusd elliott wave

Elliott wave Analysis: Bulls on EURUSD Can Be Looking For A Top

On the daily chart of EURUSD, we can see price rising for the last year or so, and this rising price action as we can see can be counted ... Read More
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BTCUSD Unfolding A Bullish Reversal

BTCUSD is trading nicely higher for the last couple of days, suggesting that maybe bigger correction on BTCUSD is over. We see a possible low at the 5904 level, ... Read More

Brexit – the battle for ideas

  The battle for ideas in the Brexit debate comes down to two basic economic approaches. The neo-Keynesian macroeconomists in the permanent establishment, who manage the state as economic ... Read More
intra btcusd jan 26 2017

Elliott wave Analysis: S&P500 and BTCUSD

  Elliott wave Analysis: S&P500 and BTCUSD E-mini S&P500 turned up after a crash down to 2530 level which we see it as wave 3) so a reversal is ... Read More
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Gold-Backed Cryptocurrencies: Icing On An Already Tasty Cake

The blockchain has discovered gold (or gold has discovered the blockchain). Either way, this means several things. First, the decades-long dream of a gold-backed cybercurrency may finally be realized. ... Read More

Unsound money is crucifying pensions

  Deficits are mounting in pension obligations. It is a global problem over which pension trustees are helpless. It is also a problem that’s brushed under the carpet, with ... Read More
intra btcusd jan 26 2017

Elliott wave Analysis: BTCUSD Looking Towards 8-6k

As expected BTCUSD fell into wave (c) a third leg of decline that we have been talking about a lot in our past updates. Wave (c) is a motive ... Read More
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Gold Jumps To Crucial Technical Level. Important Action Coming Up

After what seems like a decade in the shadow of tech stocks and cryptocurrencies, gold and silver are rocking again. Which of course leaves everyone wondering if this is ... Read More
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Elliott wave Analysis: Crude oil and EURJPY

Elliott wave Analysis: Crude oil and EURJPY Crude oil can be trading at the end of a sharp, impulsive wave three near the 66.15 region. We may already see ... Read More
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