Inflation to Hurt UK Consumers in 2017?

Inflation to Hurt UK Consumers in 2017? Ever since the onset of the financial crisis nearly a decade ago, central banks have been struggling to revive inflationary pressures mostly ... Read More

5 Reasons Why the easyMarkets Trading Platform Rocks

Since 2003, easyMarkets has become one of the most trusted names in online retail trading. Today, it is the clear choice for investors looking for stability, reliability and plenty ... Read More

Brexit Triggers Office Oversupply Fears in London

Barclays Plc is planning to reduce 25% of its London office space, a trend that could intensify as companies fret the Brexit blowback. According to sources familiar with the ... Read More

Deutsche Bank Roundup: Where We Are Now

Shares of Deutsche Bank hit record lows last week, as the German lender struggled to come to terms with US regulators over its involvement in the subprime mortgage crisis. ... Read More

What We Can Learn from the Three Wealthiest Traders Today

When we talk of the wealthiest traders in forex, many remember people like George Soros, who made billions from shorting the British Pound in 1992. However, such intense speculative ... Read More

Bulls and Bears: An Introduction to Important Market Terminology

The financial markets are a struggle between two competing forces: fear and greed. On the battlefield, this tug-of-war is waged between the bulls and the bears. What they are ... Read More

Why Oil Prices Are Bothering the AUD

  Evdokia Pitsillidou, Director of Risk Management, easyMarkets Historically, there hadn’t been much of a strong correlation between crude oil and the Australian dollar, whether it’s a positive or ... Read More
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Vanilla Options Vs. Binary Options – A Closer Look

The growth and widespread adoption of online financial trading has given rise to many innovative products designed to help traders maximize their efficiency and improve their profitability. With many ... Read More

Pound Collapses but easyMarkets Traders Get On with Business

The British pound collapsed overnight during Asian trading with a 6.1% drop against the US dollar sending the markets into shock. In what is being called a mysterious ‘flash ... Read More

Is Forex Trading Gambling? The Short Answer Is No

To the uninitiated, there appears to be little difference between forex trading and gambling. The same can be said of any form of financial trading. There are many layers ... Read More
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