Experts predict the price of these cryptocurrencies to soar in 2018

A group of 13 experts have suggested Bitcoin will be the best performing of all cryptocurrencies this year and could shoot up to a value of $14,928 by March ... Read More

European Authorities warn consumers of risks in buying virtual currencies

The European Supervisory Authorities (ESAs) for securities (ESMA), banking (EBA), and insurance and pensions (EIOPA) have issued a pan-EU warning to consumers regarding the risks of buying Virtual Currencies ... Read More
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Bitcoin is jumping — but the entire crypto market is still ‘trading sideways’

Bitcoin is rallying on Monday morning but is still largely unchanged from where it was on Friday. Bitcoin is up 8% to $8,732.34 at 8.15 a.m. GMT (3.15 a.m. ... Read More
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BTCUSD Unfolding A Bullish Reversal

BTCUSD is trading nicely higher for the last couple of days, suggesting that maybe bigger correction on BTCUSD is over. We see a possible low at the 5904 level, ... Read More

Hedge Fund Investor: Bitcoin Already Hit Bottom, Ready to Surge

Bitcoin has gone to its bottom price and will rise back to its peak level and then probably grow from there said digital investor Dan Morehead. Bitcoin Should Return ... Read More

Cryptocurrency market could hit $1 trillion this year

Cryptocurrencies could go on a bull run greater than last year and pass the trillion-dollar mark in terms of value, experts told CNBC, following a recent violent sell-off across ... Read More

Bitcoin and digital money ‘here to stay’ despite concerns

This week Lloyds and Virgin Money stopped customers using credit cards to buy cryptocurrencies, amid concerns they could run up too much debt. It comes as the value of ... Read More
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Gold-Backed Cryptocurrencies: Icing On An Already Tasty Cake

The blockchain has discovered gold (or gold has discovered the blockchain). Either way, this means several things. First, the decades-long dream of a gold-backed cybercurrency may finally be realized. ... Read More

Bitcoin hits 2018 low: Massive decline as cryptocurrency fails to sustain soaring prices

Bitcoin has been hammered by the “worst monthly decline since January 2015” which has seen the value plummet from a peak of almost £14,000 ($20,000) last year to a ... Read More

Starbucks Chairman speculated about a “legitimate” digital currency

Howard Schultz dumped the equivalent of a double espresso into an otherwise humdrum Starbucks earnings call on Thursday. In response to an analyst question about tax law, the Starbucks ... Read More
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