Dr Alan Waring


Dr Alan Waring has 35 years’ experience in risk management. His several books include Managing Risk (1998), co-authored with Prof Ian Glendon, Practical Systems Thinking (1996) and Corporate Risk and Governance published in May 2013.

He has presented numerous conference and seminar papers in the UK, China, Iran, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, Cyprus and USA. He has written numerous articles published in e.g. Strategic Risk, Catastrophe Risk Management, Asian Corporate Governance, Risk Management – an International Journal and Cyprus Financial Mirror.

As a full time risk management consultant since 1986, he has undertaken client assignments for over 80 organizations in 15 countries across many industry sectors. He has conducted assignments and written reports submitted to major public inquiries. From 2007-9, he was Adjunct Professor at the Centre for Corporate Governance and Financial Policy in Hong Kong. He is currently Professor at the Ioannis Gregoriou School of Management, European University Cyprus.

Contact: waringa@cytanet.com.cy



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