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The Four D’s that define the future

  When the money runs out or loses its purchasing power, all sorts of complexity that were previously viewed as essential crumble to dust. Four D’s will define 2020-2025: ... Read More

A “Market” crash is baked in–Here’s why

  Anyone looking at the hollowed-out, fragile shell of a Fed-managed “market” as a system realizes a crash that runs away from central planning control is already baked in. ... Read More
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This is the longest Bull Market since the great pyramid boom of 2580 B.C.

  As you have undoubtedly heard, the current Bull Market in U.S. stocks (S&P 500) is the longest in recent history–though some historians claim that Rome’s SPQR Index rose ... Read More

Make Capital Cheap and Labor Costly, and Guess What Happens?

  Employment expands in the Protected cartel-dominated sectors, and declines in every sector exposed to globalization, domestic competition and cheap capital. If you want to understand why the global ... Read More

Stock Market 2018: The Tao vs. Central Banks

  The central banks claim omnipotent financial powers, and their comeuppance is overdue. I will be the first to admit that invoking the woo-woo of the Tao as the ... Read More

My Crazy $17,000 Target for Bitcoin Is Looking Less Crazy

  The basis of this admittedly crazy forecast was simple: capital flows. I think we can all agree that bitcoin (BTC) is “interesting.” One of the primary reason that ... Read More

Next Stop, Recession: The Financial Meteor Storm Is Headed Our Way

  Many of those about to be vaporized did not grasp the fragility of the “prosperity” they assumed was both solid and permanent. Business-cycle recessions are not just inevitable, ... Read More

Projecting the Price of Bitcoin

The wild card in cryptocurrencies is the role of Big Institutional Money. I’ve taken the liberty of preparing a projection of bitcoin’s price action going forward: You see the ... Read More

The Path to $10,000 Bitcoin

So let’s imagine a scenario in which tens of trillions of at-risk wealth suddenly seek an alternative–any alternative to staying in an asset class that’s circling the drain. As ... Read More
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When Assets (Such as Real Estate) Become Liabilities

It will be the middle class that accepted the notion that “real estate is the foundation of family wealth” that will be stripmined by higher taxes on immobile assets ... Read More
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