silver 4h

Silver Approaching Resistance – Elliott wave analysis

Silver is bullish, following a low in March for a higher degree wave C), however this may come to a temporary halt. We see price approaching possible resistance levels ... Read More
gold and silver image

Why the Gold/Silver ratio is a useful indicator

There’s a debate in gold bug circles over whether the price difference between gold and silver – the gold/silver ratio – tells us anything useful. Some skeptics, for instance, ... Read More
intraday oil 1h

Crude Oil on the Way Towards March 09 Gap – Elliott wave analysis

Crude oil is bullish since end of April and is currently trading very strongly towards $35 per barrel. This can be now a temporary resistance, ideally for wave 5 ... Read More
gbpusd analysis

Bearish Triangle On USD Index Can Support GBPUSD – Elliott wave analysis

USD index is trading sideways for some time now, ideally unfolding an Elliott wave triangle correction in wave B that is part of a three-wave corrective decline. A triangle ... Read More
usdj4 analysis

USDJPY Completing A Pullback and Turning Higher – Elliott wave

USDJPY made a sharp rise from the 101.16 level, following a completed A-B-C move into a leg Y of C), which is part of a bigger triangle correction. We ... Read More

Unintended consequences of monetary inflation

  “In short, the Fed is committed to rescue businesses from the greatest economic catastrophe since the great depression and probably even greater than that, to fund the US ... Read More

Time to learn about money

  An unexpected destruction of fiat currency has been advanced by the monetary and fiscal response to the coronavirus. Financial markets have yet to discount the possibility of such ... Read More
usdtry analysis

Elliott wave analysis: USDTRY into a temporary correction

USDTRY has completed a bigger triangle correction at the 5.63 level, from where a new bullish move started developing. We are tracking a five-wave move higher, an impulse, with ... Read More

Geopolitics post COVID-19

  Before the coronavirus caused governments to impose lockdowns, whole economies, markets and even currencies were already on course to be destroyed by a vicious downturn in bank lending ... Read More
German bund

Crude oil and German BUND Look – Elliott wave analysis

Crude oil extended its drop, down from 33.0 swing high, and fully unfolded a fifth wave of 3. Afterwards we have seen a new rally in minor five waves ... Read More
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