gold bars

As gold soars, miners become hot growth stocks

  The idea that a rising gold price is good for gold miners is intuitively easy to grasp. But to understand just how good, you have to see the ... Read More
copper price analysis

Elliott wave analysis: Copper in An Uptrend

Copper can be unfolding a bigger, five-wave recovery, up from March of nineteen of 2020. Now price can be trading into final stages of a higher degree wave 3 ... Read More

The Eurozone’s financial disintegration

Introduction The Euro Crisis Monitor (above) shows the increasing imbalances in the TARGET2 settlement system between all its members: the ECB (itself with a €145bn deficit) and the national ... Read More
pound symbol on the floor

The pound’s future in a dollar collapse

  In recent articles for Goldmoney I have pointed out the dollar’s vulnerability to a final collapse in its purchasing power. This article focuses on the factors that will ... Read More
silver price analysis

Silver on A Bull Run! – Elliott wave analysis

  Silver is recovering with impulsive price action from 11.60 lows. We see waves 1 and 2 as completed, so current price activity from 14.48 level can belong to ... Read More
sp elliott wave

S&P500 Already in A Bearish Reversal – Elliott wave analysis

Stocks are turning down for the last few sessions, with an aggressive sell-off on SP500 beneath the lower trendline of an ending diagonal which now looks like an impulsive ... Read More
cryptocurrency exchange

Explaining the credit cycle

  This article summarises why the credit cycle leads to alternate booms and slumps. It is only with this in mind that they can be properly understood as current ... Read More
audnzd analysis

Silver and AUDNZD Update – Elliott wave analysis

  Silver is nicely recovering following a completed higher degree C) move at the 11.60 level. We can see a five-wave rally in play, where latest intra-day recovery out ... Read More

Interesting Pattern on 10 Year US Notes Points Higher – Elliott wave

  10 Year US notes are trading in an uptrend since the last quarter of 2018 and unfolding a big, five-wave cycle. We specifically see price trading at the ... Read More
gbpaud daily analysis

GBPAUD Showing Evidence of a Bearish Resumption – Elliott wave analysis

On the weekly chart of GBPAUD we see price sharply declining, down from 2.08 high, after a sideways, choppy movement from October lows of 2016. Also, price is breaking ... Read More
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