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Working from home in the EU

The percentage of employed persons aged 15 to 64 in the European Union (EU) who usually work from home stood at 5.0% in 2017. This figure was highest in ... Read More

Oil, the petrodollar, and the next emerging market crisis

Oil prices are up over the past year, which is bad if you’re, say, a developing country that imports a lot of the stuff. But the US dollar (aka ... Read More

Oil prices fell; Oil traders are closely watching a threat by China

Oil prices fell nearly one percent on Tuesday as an escalating trade dispute between the United States and China triggered sharp selloffs in many global markets. Crude was also ... Read More
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Living Dangerously

  Regular readers of Goldmoney’s Insights should be aware by now that the cycle of business activity is fuelled by monetary policy, and that the periodic booms and slumps ... Read More

Employment is up in Europe; Check how the employment rate changed in your country

The number of persons employed increased by 0.4% in both the euro area (EA19) and the EU28 in the first quarter of 2018 compared with the previous quarter, according ... Read More
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When Will Gold’s “Summer Doldrums” End? History Says Pretty Soon

This has been a uniquely boring stretch for gold and silver – especially considering all the things going on in the world that ought to light a fire under ... Read More
europe employment

How common and how voluntary is part-time employment?

43 million persons aged 15 to 64 in the European Union (EU) worked part-time in 2017. This represents one in five (19.4%) persons having a job in the EU. ... Read More

The Gently Rotting Debt-Ridden EU

  The EU as a political construction is in a state of terminal decay. We know this for one reason and one reason alone: its core principal is the ... Read More

Deutsche Bank explores merger with Commerzbank: reports

Deutsche Bank AG’s Chairman Paul Achleitner is considering a merger with rival Commerzbank AG and is speaking with top investors and government officials about the potential tie-up, Bloomberg reported ... Read More

Polished Diamond prices Index up in May

The IDEX polished diamond prices index rose in May after a flat performance in April. The Index began the month at 123.77 and ended at 124.74. Outlook Trading was ... Read More
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