General Data Protection Regulation

EU Commission published an evaluation report on the GDPR

Just over two years after its entry into application, the European Commission published an evaluation report on the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The report shows the GDPR has ... Read More
U.S. dollar notes are seen in this picture illustration

The new deal is a bad old deal

So far, the current economic situation, together with the response by major governments, compares with the run-in to the depression of the 1930s. Yet to come in the repetitious ... Read More
stock exchanges

Prices are going to rise — and fast!

  With stockmarkets barely ruffled, few are thinking beyond the very short-term and they are mostly guessing anyway. Other than possibly the very short-term as we emerge from lockdowns, ... Read More
wirecard logo

Wirecard files for insolvency after ex-CEO arrested in $2 billion scandal

Wirecard has filed for insolvency, just days after a $2 billion accounting scandal at the company burst into the open, crashing its stock and leading to the arrest of ... Read More

The crisis goes up a gear

Dollar-denominated financial markets appeared to suffer a dramatic change on or about the 23 March. This article examines the possibility that it marks the beginning of the end for ... Read More
Crude oil storage tanks are seen from above at the Cushing oil hub in Cushing

EU: Oil deliveries declined; The countries with the largest quantity decreases

EU Member States have taken restrictive measures to slow down the spread of COVID-19 that have had an impact on the use of fuels for transport, such as limitations ... Read More

MMT —it’s just neo-Keynesian macroeconomics

  The doyenne of MMT, Stephanie Kelton, has published a book this week explaining modern monetary theory. This article examines the foundations of MMT which Kelton explained in an ... Read More

Euro area unemployment at 7.3%

In April 2020, the second month after COVID-19 containment measures were implemented by most Member States, the euro area seasonally-adjusted unemployment rate was 7.3%, up from 7.1% in March ... Read More

Statistics, lies and the reservoir effect

This article debunks the misconception that GDP represents economic health. It explains how monetary flows have led to markets in financial assets inflating while non-financials in the GDP bucket ... Read More
gold and silver image

Why the Gold/Silver ratio is a useful indicator

There’s a debate in gold bug circles over whether the price difference between gold and silver – the gold/silver ratio – tells us anything useful. Some skeptics, for instance, ... Read More
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