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  • Articles must be written in English only.
  • Your work should be the product of your own ideas and opinions. Plagiarism from other sources will not be accepted.
  • Your article must not exceed the 1500 words and have a minimum of 250 words.
  • Give us your in-depth analysis and views on one of the categories and topics that we offer on our website.
  • Before submitting review your grammar and spelling. If not, our team will have the permission to do so and correct any mistakes, font and size of your text.
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  • Include a brief summary of you. We would like to know your personal info, education, achievements and other publications you may have.

Kindly note that we only accept articles covering one of the following categories:

  • Forex and binary option market.
  • Currencies, commodities such as gold, oil, wheat, natural gas, and stocks.
  • Localized views on the market of your country.
  • Global views of the market and the economy.
  • Legal issues.
  • Accounting.


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