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Top benefits of self-paced online learning

In modern training development, self-paced online learning is quickly becoming the trend in education. Most of the people who are working, they are busy from Monday to Friday. For ... Read More
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ESMA presents methodology for climate risk stress testing and analysis of the financial impact of greenwashing controversies

The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA), the EU’s financial markets regulator and supervisor, today published two articles, one outlining an approach to modelling the impact of asset price ... Read More

Global crypto user base surpassed half a billion in 2023 — report

A research report from estimates the number of worldwide cryptocurrency users surged to 580 million people in 2023. More than half a billion people had become cryptocurrency users ... Read More

UAE defies fintech slowdown with a 92% jump in funding — against a global plunge of 48%

KEY POINTS Data from industry body Innovate Finance shows that global investment in fintechs sank to $51.2 billion in 2023, down 48% from 2022. Despite that, the UAE saw ... Read More
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Eurojust supports international operation against tax evasion through sham contracts

Eurojust has supported the competent authorities in Germany, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland in a coordinated action against a group of suspects allegedly involved in tax evasion through sham ... Read More

Cryptojacker arrested in Ukraine over EUR 1.8 million mining scheme

The National Police of Ukraine (Національна поліція України), with the support of Europol, has arrested an individual believed to be the mastermind behind a sophisticated cryptojacking scheme. The 29-year-old ... Read More
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Increase in online education in the EU in 2023

In 2023, 30% of EU internet users aged 16 to 74 reported that they had done an online course or used online learning material in the three months prior ... Read More
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European stocks rose

European stocks rose on Friday, bucking weakness in US equity futures and in Asian markets, as an update from the world’s largest luxury retailer showed that spending among the ... Read More
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Which are the main elements of a transaction monitoring tool?

The Institute of Continuous Professional Training and Education (ICPTE) offers an extensive variety of Pre-Recorded and Live Online Courses created by Professional and qualified Instructors with years of experience ... Read More
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ESMA finds data quality significantly improves under new monitoring approach

The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA), the EU’s financial markets regulator and supervisor, today published the third edition of its Data Quality Report under the European Markets Infrastructure ... Read More
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