Vasilis Pazopoulos


Protect yourself from a negative outcome

Something bad that overturns our calculations and expectations in life can happen any time. A driver insures his car to be covered in case of an accident. A landlord ... Read More

Ten rules for new investors

Novice investors are similar to teenagers who take their fathers car secretly, before taking any driving lessons and obtaining their driving license. They first learn to average down on ... Read More

Grandfathers with a future

Diversification has proven to be, over time, the most successful investment strategy. For this purpose, the best tool that can someone use to achieve diversification is nowadays, ETFs. What ... Read More
investment advisor

The Contribution of an Investment Adviser

Investing in the Stock Market is essentially a daily war which includes attack and defence, risk and fear, victories and triumphs, disappointments and losses. As mentioned in the famous ... Read More
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