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Bitcoin plunges 30%; Other cryptocurrencies also plunged

Bitcoin plunged 30% to near $30,000 at one point on Wednesday, continuing a major sell-off in the cryptocurrency markets that began a week ago. The digital currency hit as ... Read More
cryptocurrencies trading

Cryptocurrencies combined are now worth more than Apple

The cryptocurrency market is now worth more than the world’s most valuable company. It comes after record-breaking price climbs for three of the largest cryptocurrencies on Tuesday, just a ... Read More

Bitcoin rises as Visa moves to approve crypto USD Coin

Bitcoin  prices climbed as much as 3% by late-morning in London on Monday following yet more news of potential mainstream financial adoption of cryptocurrencies by major players. Reuters news ... Read More

Bitcoin bulls pushed BTC price through a key resistance level

On Feb. 2 Ether (ETH) saw its price breakout to a new all-time high at $1,555 as increased activity in the derivatives market provided clear signals that traders were ... Read More
cryptocurrencies trading

Is Bitcoin Strangling The Other Cryptos? Part 2: The Little Guys Are Soaring

The idea that “bitcoin is its own asset class” and should therefore be judged based on its own highly-constrained supply rests on the assumption that the rest of cryptospace ... Read More
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Nordic region is currently the best suited to mine some Bitcoins

The Nordic region, home of ancient Viking tribes, is recently termed once again as the best place to mine crypto-currencies. During this time of the year, the value of ... Read More

Bitcoin is breaking records because bigger investors are buying it now, says PwC

Bitcoin’s record-smashing rally seen in recent weeks was partly driven by the entry of more big, institutional investors into the market, according to PwC’s global crypto leader Henri Arslanian. ... Read More
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Japan prepares for digital currency, in line with China and others

Japan is gearing up its preparation for the issuance of digital currency in both the public and private sectors following swift moves by China and other countries to do ... Read More

Big investors new to cryptocurrencies appear to be behind bitcoin’s rally to a record

A herd of new, big investors are scooping up bitcoin this year as the price more than doubles. Investors who bought at least 1,000 bitcoins — worth roughly $23 ... Read More

Bitcoin hits all-time high rising above $20,000

Bitcoin has hit a new all-time high breaking through $20,000 (£14,800). The volatile virtual currency has gained more than 170% this year amid stock market turmoil. On Wednesday Bitcoin ... Read More
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