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Top benefits of self-paced online learning

In modern training development, self-paced online learning is quickly becoming the trend in education. Most of the people who are working, they are busy from Monday to Friday. For ... Read More
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Which are the main elements of a transaction monitoring tool?

The Institute of Continuous Professional Training and Education (ICPTE) offers an extensive variety of Pre-Recorded and Live Online Courses created by Professional and qualified Instructors with years of experience ... Read More
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Spotware revolutionizes mobile trading user experience with Broker OAuth

Spotware Systems is proud to announce the release of its Broker OAuth solution, which revolutionizes the user’s experience, by allowing traders to (1) authenticate using their brokers Client Area ... Read More
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New cTrader Desktop 4.3 version adds Valuable Technical Analysis Additions

Spotware has announced the release of its cTrader Desktop 4.3 version, packed with a wide variety of technical analysis tools for the trader, including new chart types and trading ... Read More
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cTrader Desktop 4.2 Massive Release Delivers a New Epitome of Technical Superiority for Developers

Spotware has announced the release of its cTrader Desktop 4.2 version – a release that opens up one of the biggest selections of technical improvements within several years, largely ... Read More
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ISX Demerger of profitable European businesses & associated assets

iSignthis Limited (ASX: ISX), a leading payments and identity technology company, has issued an announcement to inform that: iSignthis Limited (ASX: ISX) is exploring a proposed demerger of subsidiary ... Read More
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cTrader Web & Desktop 4.1 Releases Offering Direct Crypto Deposits

Spotware has announced the release of its cTrader Web 4.1 and cTrader Desktop 4.1 versions – updates that spice up the web and desktop versions of cTrader with some ... Read More
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$10 Million via Copy Trading? Easy! cTrader Copy Strategy Beats World Copy Trading Record

We all know that copy trading is becoming more and more popular in the new era, but a truly one-of-a-kind event for cTrader Copy and the copy trading world ... Read More
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cTrader 4.0 Offers Copy Mobile, Improved Accounts Management & Blotter Panel

Spotware has announced the release of its cTrader Mobile 4.0 version, which comes with several valuable features for both – Android and IOS users. Copy Mobile has finally become ... Read More
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Spotware Partners with Broctagon to Offer cTrader White Labels

Spotware, a leading Fintech and trading solutions expert, has announced its partnership with Broctagon, making the LP a specialist provider of cTrader White Labels. For Broctagon Fintech Group, offering ... Read More
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