Swiss bank UBS to appeal after fined 4.5 billion euros in French tax fraud case

A French court found Swiss bank UBS AG guilty of illegally soliciting clients and laundering the proceeds of tax evasion, ordering it to pay 4.5 billion euros ($5.1 billion) ... Read More

Why has the European Commission not investigated Lux Leaks tax deals?

Almost five years ago, the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists published its Lux Leaks investigation, exposing how some of the world’s largest corporations cycled billions of dollars through Luxembourg ... Read More
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Decision making on EU Tax Policy

How is EU law on taxation adopted? The European Commission proposes new EU law or amendments to existing EU tax law. Currently, EU tax law is adopted through a ... Read More

EU VAT changes on vouchers became effective

Significant changes to the way that businesses should account for value-added tax on vouchers became effective on January 1, 2019. The overhaul to the rules is intended to simplify ... Read More

EU issues Regulations on 2021 VAT rule changes for e-Commerce

The European Commission has published proposed implementing regulations for reforms to VAT rules for e-commerce that will be effective from January 2021. These implementing regulations are intended to ensure ... Read More
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Tax revenues in advanced economies have continued to increase; OECD research

Tax revenues in advanced economies have continued to increase, with taxes on companies and personal consumption representing an increasing share of total tax revenues, according to new OECD research. ... Read More
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The Netherlands to tighten tax rules for foreign firms

The Netherlands said it will tighten rules on tax breaks for foreign firms after facing criticism from the EU for offering complicated schemes for multinationals. Dutch authorities said they ... Read More

ACCA Research: 48% of public believe auditors ‘could prevent company failures’

A survey of 1,000 members of the general public by ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) reveals auditors are expected to play a crucial role in company safeguarding. ... Read More
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Switzerland gearing up for corporate tax changes

The Swiss Government has announced that, in preparation for a major overhaul of the tax system, existing practices on the taxation of principal companies and finance branches will not ... Read More
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Nowhere is safe: France will hunt for tax cheating on social media

France’s tax inspectors will begin searching through social media accounts in 2019 in order to fight against tax evasion, Budget Minister Gerald Darmanin said in an interview. “(The fiscal ... Read More
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