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EU sees $23.5 Billion in revenue from financial-transaction tax

A proposed tax on financial transactions in 10 European Union countries could generate about 19.6 billion euros ($23.5 billion) of annual revenue, though Brexit could make collection more difficult, ... Read More

EU set to remove Bahamas, St Kitts from tax haven blacklist

European Union finance ministers are set to remove the Caribbean islands of the Bahamas and Saint Kitts and Nevis from an EU list of tax havens next week, EU ... Read More

Symantec investigating certain accounting measures

Symantec Corp said on Monday it is investigating the reporting of certain accounting measures including those that could impact executive compensation and some forward-looking statements, but added it does ... Read More

ACCA published the five tenets of good corporate governance

ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) has published a report examining the interrelation between businesses and society, and the importance of good corporate governance in facilitating a positive ... Read More
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Workers in OECD countries pay one quarter of wages in taxes

Workers in OECD countries paid just over a quarter of their gross wages in tax on average in 2017, with just over half of countries seeing small increases in ... Read More

Accountants professional body ACCA restructures its global markets

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), the global body for professional accountants, has issued an announcement to inform about its revised structure. The global market portfolio for ACCA ... Read More
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Europe’s digital tax map: Where countries stand

The European Commission’s proposal to introduce a temporary levy to tax the revenues of digital giants is causing deep divisions between European countries, according to a POLITICO analysis of ... Read More
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EU tax moves positive step to more just world

As the recent scandal over Facebook and the company Cambridge Analytica has shown, many companies operating in the new “digital economy” are, essentially, extractive industries. They mine and sell ... Read More

PwC accused of cheating firm out of $138m

The accounting giant PwC is accused of conspiring to cheat a firm of consultants out of at least £75m ($138 million) in a deal with the controversial mining tycoon ... Read More
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The Big Four accountancy firms in UK face the threat of a break-up

The Big Four accountancy firms in UK could be broken up following a wave of scandals at companies they audit that has sparked a ‘crisis of confidence’ in the ... Read More
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