Timothy Taylor

Hedge Funds

Index Funds vs. Hedge Funds: Buffett’s Bet, 10 Years Later

Warren Buffett is of course as the golden-touch investor who is chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway. Each year he writes a letter to his shareholders, and along with ... Read More

Measuring the “Free” Digital Economy

The digital economy provides a number of services for which the marginal price (given an internet connection) is zero: games like Candy Crush, email, web searches, access to information ... Read More

Why All Exchange Rates Are Bad

The economics of exchange rates can be tough sledding. Every now and then, I post on the bulletin board beside my office a quotation from Kenneth Kasa back in ... Read More

Youth and the Economic Future of Arab States

Youth and the Economic Future of Arab States “Most recent statistics indicate that two-thirds of the Arab region’s population is below thirty years of age, half of which falling ... Read More

The Plague of Long-Term Unemployment in Europe

The Plague of Long-Term Unemployment in Europe There’s plenty of legitimate reason for concern about the extent to which the US labor market is producing high quality jobs. But ... Read More

Nonstandard Employment Around the World

Standard employment refers to a situation where a worker has a full-time job, and can presume an ongoing relationship with the employer. Non-standard employment describes other kinds of jobs: ... Read More
Central Banks

What Else Can Central Banks Do?

Central banks all over the world took dramatic actions during the Great Recession and its aftermath. For example, the US Federal Reserve took the “federal funds” interest rate down ... Read More

Lessons for the Euro from Early American History

The euro is still a very young currency. When watching the struggles of the European Union over the the euro, it’s worth remembering that it too the US dollar ... Read More
Rio Olympics 2016

Economics of Hosting the Olympics

The Summer Olympics starts in Rio de Janiero in August. From the financial point of view of the host city, it’s very likely to be a money-losing proposition–just like ... Read More

Foreigners Buy US Debt, US Investors Buy Foreign Equity

When it comes to international flows of debt and equity, the US economy as a whole has developed an interesting pattern: those from other countries are net buyers of ... Read More
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