A new legal challenge to Brexit is filed

The UK in EU Challenge group, an anti-Brexit organization consisting largely of British expatriates living in Spain, France and Italy, filed a new legal challenge to Brexit Tuesday alleging that ... Read More
Malta Passport

EU prepares crackdown on ‘citizenship for sale’

Brussels is preparing to crack down on EU governments, including Malta and Cyprus, that award citizenship to rich people from outside the bloc, as concerns mount about so-called dirty ... Read More
German Parliament

Worried about non-EU investor, Germany may see a new law on foreign takeovers

The German government is mulling over a proposal to change the country’s Foreign Trade and Payments Ordinance. The proposal has been sent to various ministries, and according to the ... Read More
copyright image

The Court of Justice of the European Union delivers landmark copyright ruling

The posting on a website of a photograph that was freely accessible on another website with the consent of the author requires a new authorisation by that author Mr ... Read More
robot lawyer

Consumers choose cheaper, faster ‘lawbots’ over expensive, slow lawyers

New research into the use of digital technology in the UK legal sector has revealed that seven out of 10 consumers would choose a ‘lawbot,’ a customer facing, automated ... Read More

Online scammers captured after causing Eur 18 million of damage

After six years of preparation and coordination, the international Operation Warenagent has seen the arrest of 15 individuals, thought to be members of a network responsible for online fraud ... Read More

Russia passes tax haven laws to bypass sanctions

International firms can use new laws to establish an offshore domicile and thereby bypass sanctions. The Russian parliament’s upper chamber has approved a package of laws to enable Russia-controlled ... Read More

Ex-Head of Volkswagen suspected of tax evasion in Germany – Reports

The prosecutors of the German city of Braunschweig are suspecting former head of Volkswagen AG Martin Winterkorn of tax evasion, local media reported on Sunday. The investigation began in ... Read More

Nestlé lost a 16-year legal fight to dominate the chocolate bar market

KitKat’s makers have suffered a major setback in its 16-year quest to dominate the market for four-fingered chocolate bars. Nestlé applied to trademark the distinctive trapezoid shape of KitKats ... Read More
artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence improves efficiency significantly for law firms

Law firms have been slower to adopt artificial intelligence (AI) technology than other sectors but clients say it improves time efficiency by 50 per cent. Law firms in the ... Read More
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