PIP Calculator

Pip is the short meaning for “Price Interest Point” or “Percentage In Point”. It is the smallest incremental price move that a currency pair can make and it is the last decimal point in a currency pair or in an exchange rate.

The pip value calculator calculates the price of a single pip for major, minor and exotic currency pairs. Use the pip calculator to calculate and plan your Forex orders, and better manage your risk.

You can also calculate manually the Value of a PIP with the following formula:

The size of a Trade in Lots X 100,000 X 0.0001 for 4 (or 5) digit pairs.

Disclaimer: The service is provided for information purposes only. GP ONESTOPBROKER expressly disclaims any and all liability arising out of any inaccuracies, errors, mistakes or malfunctions contained in or caused by this tool. This tool is intended for hypothetical calculations and for reference purposes only.

How to Use This Tool

  • Select the pip amount (difference between opening and closing rates).
  • Select the currency pair in the trade.
  • Type in the size in the trade.
  • Select your primary account currency.
  • Click Calculate to see the results.


Margin Calculator

Use the margin calculator below to accurately find out the margin required when you open a new position.

For example, in a 1 lot (100,000) position, with a leverage of 1:20, the margin is 5%, so if you have a EUR account, the required margin that the platform will hold as collateral is EUR5,000.

But, if you have an account and your balance is in USD, the platform will automatically take into consideration the EUR/USD rate and will keep it as collateral.

This means that if the rate is now 1.4364, USD 7,182 (5,000*1.4364 = 7,182).


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