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Is Italy now more close to exit the euro?

Italy’s central bank warned on May 31 that leaving the eurozone would not solve the country’s economic problems, as two major parties campaign to drop the common currency before ... Read More
Green jobs

Europe: Number of people working in the environmental economy grew faster

Nearly 4.2 million people (full-time equivalent – FTE) in the European Union (EU) were working in the environmental economy in 2014, almost 1.4 million more than fifteen years ago. ... Read More

Top European countries with visitors growth; Iceland, Cyprus, Portugal and more

The European Travel Commission has released a report pointing that European Tourism looks set for solid growth in 2017. According the release, appetite for European Tourism remains strong, highlighting ... Read More

Foreign investors pumping billions in the second most populous city of the UAE

Foreign investors pumping billions into Abu Dhabi real estate Investment into Yas, Reem and Saadiyat islands on the rise, says SCAD More than 25 percent of total foreign investment ... Read More
F1W58F Tourists on El Arenal beach, Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain

Which European countries tourists prefer to visit

Spain is the main tourist destination in the EU Data from April 2017. Planned article update: December 2017. This article provides information on recent statistics in relation to tourism ... Read More

What Europeans want from EU to do

#Eurobarometer: Europeans reveal what they want the EU to do more on Europeans increasingly realize the need for common solutions to the most pressing problems, yet question whether politics ... Read More
Protesters wave Greek and EU flags during a pro-Euro rally in front of the parliament building, in Athens

Greece is fighting for debt relief

Relief map for Greek debt? Not without a fight or two Easing Greece’s fiscal path forward is likely to be the next great struggle in the country’s agonizing, seven-year, ... Read More

Scientists estimated that VW’s emissions cheating will lead to some 1,200 premature deaths in Europe

Scientists are working on an assessment of the health impact of excess emissions from diesel cars in Europe in the wake of the Dieselgate scandal. The assessment is a ... Read More
Maternity Leave

European Commission to set paternity leave rules

Commission readies new parental leave rules to replace axed maternity bill Two years after the European Commission scrapped its own proposal for new EU maternity leave rules, the EU ... Read More
Gulf states

Gulf states are spending billions to attract tourists

Gulf states are spending billions of dollars creating ambitious strategies to attract visitors as tourism becomes a stronger plank of their economies. This week’s Arabian Travel Market in Dubai ... Read More
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