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End Of Credit Cycle Dynamics

  While there is no starting-pistol that tells us the final phase of the credit cycle leading into the next credit crisis has actually begun, nearly all the signs ... Read More
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Another week, another improvement in Gold’s prospects

The past few months have added some cred to the “sell in May and go away” rule of thumb for precious metals, as gold’s price action has been both ... Read More

Macroeconomics Has Lost Its Way

  The father of modern macroeconomics was Keynes. Before Keynes there were macro considerations, which were firmly grounded in human action, the personal preferences and choices exercised by individuals ... Read More
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Valuing Gold In A World Awash With Dollars

Summary In this article I point to the pressures on the Fed to moderate monetary policy, but that will only affect the timing of the next cyclical credit crisis. ... Read More

Easier to get a loan and demand for loans increased for euro area firms and households

It became easier for euro area firms and households to borrow money in the second quarter of 2018 and demand for loans also increased. The negative impact of non-performing ... Read More
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Gold and silver futures action turning positive

After a brutal few weeks in precious metals, you’d expect trend-following speculators to be heading for the exits. And the most recent gold and silver futures action — aka ... Read More
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Trump’s Whirlwind European Tour

  President Trump visited Britain on a much-anticipated visit. The political situation in Washington is very different from when Mrs May last visited. In Washington, President Trump appears to have ... Read More

Visualizing the world’s largest importers in 2017

For most world leaders and corporate executives, the swing of the global pendulum to more protectionist policies has been an unpleasant surprise. That’s because the consensus view from both ... Read More

Make Capital Cheap and Labor Costly, and Guess What Happens?

  Employment expands in the Protected cartel-dominated sectors, and declines in every sector exposed to globalization, domestic competition and cheap capital. If you want to understand why the global ... Read More

Business investment rate up to 23.1% in the euro area

In the first quarter of 2018, the business investment rate was 23.1% in the euro area, compared with 22.9% in the previous quarter. The business profit share in the ... Read More
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