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EU to step up legal battle with Britain over import scam

The European Commission is expected to step up a legal battle on Wednesday against Britain to recover 2.7 billion euros ($3.2 billion) in lost revenues due to an import ... Read More

VW investors seek $11bn in damages over emissions-cheating scandal

Around 1,670 claims have been lodged against Volkswagen (VW) by its shareholders. They claim the automaker should have informed them about the diesel emissions problem before regulators did in ... Read More

Former FIFA official jailed in bribery scandal

The Former FIFA official jailed for nine years after he was convicted last year of racketeering and other charges related to a corruption scandal. Juan Angel Napout, from Paraguay, ... Read More

A new legal challenge to Brexit is filed

The UK in EU Challenge group, an anti-Brexit organization consisting largely of British expatriates living in Spain, France and Italy, filed a new legal challenge to Brexit Tuesday alleging that ... Read More
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The Court of Justice of the European Union delivers landmark copyright ruling

The posting on a website of a photograph that was freely accessible on another website with the consent of the author requires a new authorisation by that author Mr ... Read More

Nestlé lost a 16-year legal fight to dominate the chocolate bar market

KitKat’s makers have suffered a major setback in its 16-year quest to dominate the market for four-fingered chocolate bars. Nestlé applied to trademark the distinctive trapezoid shape of KitKats ... Read More

The reason EU fined Google €4.34 billion

The European Commission has issued an announcement to inform that decided to impose a total fine of €4.34 billion to the technology giant Google. According the announcement, The European Commission ... Read More

Former executive chairman of a diamond mining company acquitted on charges of misleading the market

Mr Alexandre Alexander, the former executive chairman of Kimberley Diamonds Ltd (Kimberley Diamonds), was on 25 June 2018 found not guilty on two counts related to issuing false or ... Read More
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook gives lawmakers 450 pages of answers from April hearings

Facebook Inc. turned in more than 450 pages of homework to U.S. lawmakers, defending itself against claims that it is a monopoly and sidestepping questions about the effectiveness of ... Read More
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On 20 June is the biggest vote on potential change to copyright law in Europe

On 20 June, Parliament’s legal affairs committee will vote on the biggest potential change to copyright law in Europe in the last 30 years. The European Commission made the ... Read More
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