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Luxury brand Gucci and Guess end nine year legal battle over the letter G

After a nine-year long legal battle over the Guess logo and diamond pattern, which Gucci alleges are direct copies of its trademark, the two companies said they had reached ... Read More

Law firm urges Volkswagen consumers to join largest-ever class action over emissions scandal

The law firm acting for around 10,000 Volkswagen (VW) customers whose cars were fitted with defeat diesel devices has urged more claimants to join what could be the largest-ever ... Read More

Volkswagen Settles U.S. Emissions Lawsuit Just Before Trial

Volkswagen AG came to an agreement to settle a lawsuit over the company’s marketing of clean-emissions vehicles, resolving a contentious fight over consumer fraud claims just before it was ... Read More

Spotify Has Been Hit With a $1.6 Billion Copyright Lawsuit

Music streaming company Spotify was sued by Wixen Music Publishing last week for allegedly using thousands of songs, including those of Tom Petty, Neil Young and the Doors, without ... Read More
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Facebook has a giant, Europe-sized legal problem

Europe continues to be a giant pain in Facebook’s app. Germany and France this week both hammered Facebook for its data practices, though in different ways. Germany’s competition regulator ... Read More

Google faces mass legal action over ‘unlawful’ data collection

A UK Campaign group is taking Google to court in a £1 billion mass action alleging the tech giant unlawfully collected information from Apple’s iPhone handsets. The group, Google ... Read More

KPMG and Barclays sued for ‘engineering’ administration of quarrying company

Quarrying company Portland Stone Holdings Limited is suing Barclays and KPMG for ‘engineering’ the administration of its subsidiary, Stone Firms Ltd, in 2010. The Portland Stone suppliers allege that ... Read More

Former HSBC Executive Found Guilty of Fraud in $3.5 Billion Currency Trade

A U.S. jury on Monday found former HSBC executive Mark Johnson guilty of defrauding Cairn Energy (CRNZF, +0.00%) in a $3.5 billion currency trade in 2011. U.S. prosecutors have ... Read More
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Lawyers Charged With Assisting a Microcap Fraud Scheme

The Securities and Exchange Commission today charged two lawyers it alleges helped facilitate a microcap fraud scheme involving undisclosed “blank check” companies secretly bound for reverse mergers. In complaints ... Read More

Twitter rival Gab sues Google

Gab, a Twitter rival popular with the Breitbart crowd, is suing Google. The lawsuit, filed in Pennsylvania federal court on Thursday, argues that Google violated antitrust laws when it ... Read More
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