Dr Alan Waring


A Dysfunctional EU: What Future?

Many believe that the European Union is, and can only ever be, a force for good and that the 500-plus million citizens of its 28 Member States should be ... Read More

The Neo-Marxist Threat to National Economies

The theatricals and melodrama of the current Greek crisis mask a far more serious issue than mere political entertainment. The self-created sequence of threats to Greece i.e. sovereign debt ... Read More
cyprus economy

Decline and Fall of the Demagogues

This article could have been entitled ‘The Bonfire of the Vanities’ (with apologies to the book’s author Tom Wolfe) as it too is all about ruthless ambition, political sleaze ... Read More
cyprus economy

Democracy or Idiocracy?

In Cyprus, we live in a democracy characterised by government by the people and/or their elected representatives: constitutional guarantees, free and fair elections, a parliament of elected members, separation ... Read More
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