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eur analysis

Bears Underway on EURAUD – Elliott wave analysis

EURAUD is bearish, however, sideways price activity since June of 2020 can be part of a corrective pause within a bigger trend. We are talking about a complex, W)-X)-Y) ... Read More

Bulls Taking AUDUSD Higher – Elliott wave analysis

AUDUSD is trading bullish since 0.551 level, when a bigger, bearish trend found a low. We now see an impulsive price action underway, where price can be only reversing ... Read More
usdmnx news

Breakout Of A Triangle On USDMXN

In this analysis we will talk about a triangle pattern. Those who are familiar with them, will know that these are one of the most popular patterns by hundreds ... Read More
nzdjpy analysis 04-09-2020

AUDJPY and NZDJPY Elliott wave Updates

AUDJPY has been trading bullish since March of 2020, when a low was put in place. We can see that price unfolded a five-wave reversal labelled as higher degree ... Read More
usdmxn analysis

USDMXN Eyeing 20.6/20.3 Zone – Elliott wave analysis

  USDMXN found a high at the 25.775 level and started turning lower. We are now observing a minimum, three-wave bearish reversal underway, where price is currently unfolding final ... Read More
nzdjpy analysis

NZDJPY Eyeing 73.6/74.2 Zone

NZDJPY is similar to AUDJPY recovering; we see NZDJPY breaking out of a corrective channel, which is a confirmation that wave 4 of a higher degree wave A is ... Read More
audjpy analysis

Triangle on AUDJPY In Final Stages! – Elliott wave

AUDJPY can be ending a big, bullish triangle pattern within a corrective wave 4, which was in action since June of 2020. We can see five potentially completed legs ... Read More
euraud analysis

Bears All Over EURAUD – Elliott wave analysis

EURAUD made a firm drop, down from 1.98 high, which was set in March. We can see that price made a five-wave development, which is first evidence for a ... Read More
gold analysis

Gold into A Corrective Pause; 1860/1800 Support in View – Elliott wave analysis

Gold may have completed a higher degree wave III), and its five-wave cycle at latest 2073 highs. We now see a complex W-X-Y move unfolding within a higher degree ... Read More
crude oil price

Crude Oil Suggests A Reversal Down – Elliott wave analysis

Crude oil is trading in a wedge pattern from end of June, which is known as an Elliott wave ending diagonal. We are tracking final stages of a sub-wave ... Read More
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