Greece's Finance Minister Yannis Stournaras

Stournaras: Bank of Greece had built defense against plans for parallel currency

The Bank of Greece had taken measures to prevent clandestine plans to introduce a parallel currency to the euro last summer if negotiations with creditors failed, Governor Yannis Stournaras ... Read More

Interview with Roger Ver: 10 Questions to Bitcoin Angel Investor & Evangelist

Every week CoinSpeaker interviews famous people involved with Bitcoin, Blockchain, Internet of Things and FinTech industries. Roger Ver, an early Bitcoin adopter and voluntaryist, has been closely involved with ... Read More

Mark Carney: Prudent to Expect U.K. Rate Rise in 2016

Bank of England governor comments in exclusive interview Says foreign investment key consideration in Brexit debate Mark Carney says Britons should be ready for a rate increase in 2016. ... Read More

Mario Draghi Interview: We must propose a way forward to Europeans

Interview with Il Sole 24 Ore Interview with Mario Draghi, President of the ECB, conducted by Alessandro Merli and Roberto Napoletano, published on 31 October 2015 President Draghi, in ... Read More
Thomson reuter post

Thomson Reuters: Interview with Vítor Constâncio, Vice-President of the ECB

Interview with Vítor Constâncio, Vice-President of the ECB, conducted by Paul Ingrassia, Balazs Koranyi and John O’Donnell on 14 September Is quantitative easing working? It is working and effective in ... Read More

China’s market-oriented reforms help promote global growth: Chinese official

China’s recent market-oriented economic reforms, including devaluing its currency and cutting interest rates, help to keep the domestic economy growing and by extension, the global economy, a top Chinese ... Read More
Edward Snowden

Former CIA employee and NSA Edward Snowden on Bitcoin

Speaking in an interview during IETF 93 Meeting, former CIA employee and NSA contractor Edward Snowden, spoke among others about Bitcoin. He focused his talk on Bitcoin’s flaws and ... Read More
PBC China Central Bank 1

The PBC Spokesman Answered More Press Questions on the RMB Exchange Rate

1. Why does the central parity of RMB exchange rate against US dollar change nearly 1.6% on 12 August from that of 11 August? The central parity of RMB ... Read More

AFD founder: ‘Schäuble’s Greece policy is pure marketing’

German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble’s latest plans for a euro tax have solidified the prospect of a transfer union, says Eurosceptic Bernd Lucke in an interview with EurActiv Germany. The ... Read More

Finance Sector in the Dark Over Data Protection Changes

With a quarter of businesses in finance and accountancy sector totally unaware of the EU General Data Protection Regulation we interviewed John Culkin, Director of Information Management, Crown Records ... Read More
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