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Bitcoin price manipulation puts trust in cryptocurrencies at risk

Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin have grown in popularity in large part because they can be bought and sold without a government or other third party overseeing everything. But there’s a ... Read More

Scotland has a rehab clinic for people addicted to cryptocurrency trading

If you find yourself taking the “hold on for dear life,” or HODL, stance toward cryptocurrency to the extreme, and can’t help yourself when it comes to buying cryptocurrency, ... Read More
cryptocurrencies trading

Banks shut down Cryptocurrency trading in Chile

Banks in Chile, South America’s wealthiest economy, have implemented a blanket ban on cryptocurrencies by closing accounts held by trading platforms. The trading platforms Buda, Orionx and CryptoMarket had ... Read More
cryptocurrencies trading

5 Tips to getting into cryptocurrency trading

Despite the bullish performance that Bitcoin and other alternative cryptocurrencies have shown over the past few years, many traders and investors are still undecided as to whether they should ... Read More

South Korea to ban cryptocurrency traders from using anonymous bank accounts; Bitcoin price extended loss

South Korea will ban the use of anonymous bank accounts in cryptocurrency trading from Jan. 30, regulators said on Tuesday in a widely telegraphed move designed to stop virtual ... Read More
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Bitcoin falls as one of the world’s biggest cryptocurrency markets readies a bill to ban trading

South Korea’s justice minister said on Thursday that a bill is being prepared to ban all cryptocurrency trading in the country. That news is a major development for the ... Read More

Hedge-fund managers reap 3,175 percent profit off bitcoin in 2017

For hedge funds, 2017 ended with a clean sweep — positive returns in every month that resulted in the best total performance in four years. That kind of a ... Read More

Bitcoin drops as South Korea to impose new curbs on cryptocurrency trading

South Korea’s government said on Thursday it will impose additional measures to regulate speculation in cryptocurrency trading within the country. “The government had warned several times that virtual coins ... Read More

Inexperienced Chinese investors are getting stung by fintech scams

China is witnessing a fintech boom. Companies providing electronic payments, cryptocurrency trading and other online financial services there are not only mushrooming, they are among the biggest and most ... Read More
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