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Spotware Releases cTrader Open API 2.0

Spotware, an award-winning financial technology provider, has announced the release of cTrader Open API 2.0, the new Open API of its flagship Forex and CFD trading platform, cTrader. Open ... Read More
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Spotware cTrader Wins the Best FX Trading Platform Award

cTrader, the premium Forex and CFD trading platform developed by Spotware, the leading trading solutions provider, has been recognized as the Best FX Trading Platform at the London Summit ... Read More
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Spotware cXchange Integrated with BitGo

Spotware, a trading platform development company, has announced that its cryptocurrency exchange solution, cXchange, has been integrated with BitGo, the market leader in institutional cryptocurrency financial services. Spotware has ... Read More
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Spotware cTrader ID Holders Get Exclusive Access to New Personal Cabinet

Spotware, an award-winning trading solutions provider, has announced that its cTrader ID Site, a personal cabinet of cTrader platform users holding a cTrader ID, has been completely revamped and ... Read More

cAlgo Becomes a Part of cTrader as cTrader Automate

Spotware, an award-winning trading solutions provider, has announced the merge of cAlgo with cTrader Desktop in version 3.0. Now cAlgo has become the integral part of cTrader and is ... Read More

Spotware Systems announces Stop Limit Order for cTrader

Spotware Systems announce that they have added a new order type to their cTrader platform. This new order type is a Stop Limit Order, it has been added to ... Read More
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cTrader Supports FIX API Trading with Hedging Accounts

Spotware Systems announce with their recent update, trading with hedging accounts via FIX API is now fully supported and details can be found in their updated Rules of Engagement. ... Read More
investoo and cTrader launches cTrader platform tutorials for traders

15/12/2015(0) have just launched an in depth course which serves as an introduction to the powerful cTrader platform. This course is aimed at new traders as well as experienced traders ... Read More

ITG announced CEO of TriAct Canada Marketplace

ITG hires Bryan Blake as CEO of Triact Canada ITG announced that Bryan Blake will be joining the firm as CEO of TriAct® Canada Marketplace LP. TriAct Canada, a ... Read More
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