Jakarta threatens Google with legal action in tax case

The tax authority in Indonesian capital Jakarta threatened Google with legal action for failing to hand over transaction data for an investigation into a case alleging the internet giant ... Read More

Google reportedly close to tax deal with Italian authorities

Google is reportedly close to finalising a €280m settlement with Italian tax authorities for routing profits through Irish and Dutch subsidiaries to reduce its tax liabilities. It would follow ... Read More

Lawsuit Accuses Google of Unlawfully Censoring its Workforce

An anonymous Google product manager is alleging in a lawsuit that the internet giant unlawfully censors current and former employees by imposing sweeping confidentiality policies that deter whistleblowing. The ... Read More

Android Pay vs Apple Pay: who’s winning the mobile payment battle?

Apple and Google have been competing in just about every field of technology for some time now – from maps to music – and mobile payments is no exception. ... Read More

Google could face large fine by EU over Android anti-competitive practices

EU wants to stop Google forcing smartphone manufacturers to pre-install Android OS. Google might face a “large fine” for anti-competitive practices by the European Union, which is considering stopping ... Read More

Google just pumped a bunch of money into Airbnb

Airbnb just got a big cash infusion — and Google is one of its big investors. According to a new financial filing, the company has raised $555 million at a $30 ... Read More

The Secret History of Pokémon GO: How was Pokémon GO created?

Whether you love it or loathe it, you’ve got to admit that the Pokémon GO craze is more than a bit fascinating – and the secret history of how ... Read More

Trial Set to Open in Legal Battle Between H-P and Oracle

Jurors are set to convene on Tuesday to hear opening arguments in a five-year legal battle that centers on Oracle Corp.’s alleged role in the decline of one of the former ... Read More

Google’s French headquarters raided in tax probe

French police have raided Google’s Paris offices as part of an investigation into “aggravated tax fraud” and money laundering. The raid is the latest regulatory headache for the US ... Read More

Google announced it would ban payday-loan ads from its site

Google announced this month it would ban payday-loan ads. One wrinkle: It is an investor in a payday lender. GV, the venture-capital investment arm of Google’s parent company, Alphabet Inc., has been ... Read More
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