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Virtual assets-based money laundering and other crypto-enabled crimes

The 5th Global Conference on Criminal Finances and Cryptocurrencies on 7-8 December 2021, co-organised by the Basel Institute on Governance, INTERPOL and Europol, saw several thousand participants from the ... Read More

Large-scale online investment fraud network with hundreds of victims across Europe

On 11 May 2021, a large criminal network involved in investment fraud and money laundering was dismantled as a result of a cross border operation supported by Europol and ... Read More
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Big banks moved trillions despite knowing money was illegal; FinCEN

Leaked documents reveal major flaws in the global effort to curb money laundering. Major international banks are in hot waters again. Confidential documents leaked to journalists show that some of ... Read More
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G.P. Global Ltd organised the seminar titled “Risk Factors Guidelines”

G.P. Global Ltd organised the seminar titled “Risk Factors Guidelines” on November 30, 2018, in Limassol. A great number of participants from different organisations like Cyprus Investment Firms, Administrative ... Read More
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Is money-laundering scandal at Danske Bank the largest in history?

The Russian-speaking caller refused to give a name but the threat was explicit: “Do you really feel you can walk home safely at night?” It was 2013 and officers ... Read More

CEO of Denmark bank quits amid an alleged $233 billion money-laundering investigation

The chief executive of Danske, Denmark’s largest bank, resigned Wednesday after a year-long internal investigation into money laundering found $233 billion in suspicious transactions moving through the bank’s tiny ... Read More
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The EU is taking another look at regulating crypto

Cryptocurrency traders and issuers of virtual currencies are in for a fresh round of scrutiny from European politicians. Finance ministers from the European Union’s 28 member states will discuss ... Read More
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EU prepares crackdown on ‘citizenship for sale’

Brussels is preparing to crack down on EU governments, including Malta and Cyprus, that award citizenship to rich people from outside the bloc, as concerns mount about so-called dirty ... Read More

Bitcoin and digital money ‘here to stay’ despite concerns

This week Lloyds and Virgin Money stopped customers using credit cards to buy cryptocurrencies, amid concerns they could run up too much debt. It comes as the value of ... Read More
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Swiss banks crack down on suspected Saudi money laundering

Banks in Switzerland have started reporting suspicious account activities among some of their Saudi clients to the Swiss Money Laundering Reporting Office, reports the Financial Times. The regulator is ... Read More
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