Why CySec did not report details of the imposed sanctions to Safecap Investments Ltd? 


The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySec) announced imposition of Administrative fine to the Cypriot Investment Firm, Safecap Investments Ltd, but in contrast to its usual practice to provide details of the violations with reference to the specific articles of the Law and to provide details analysis of the fine per violation no such information were provided for Safecap Investments Ltd.

Announcements dated 15/05/2015 for Banc De Binary Ltd, 20/05/2015 for Reliantco Investments Ltd, 21/05/2015 for Trademarker (Cyprus) Ltd, as well as all other announcements for fines include detail analysis of the specific articles of the Law/Directive which have been violated and the respective fine for each specific violation.

The announcement for the administrative fine to Safecap Investments Ltd does not include any analysis of the violation but just states that the CIF Safecap Investments Ltd has violated the Investment Services and Activities and Regulated Markets Law of 2007, as in force, the Directive DI144-2007-01 of 2012 for the Authorisation and Operating Conditions of CIFs, the Directive DI144-2007-02 of 2012 for the Professional Competence of Investment Firms and of the Natural Persons Employed by them and other laws.

The question is:

Does CySec decide to change its reporting style? – If not, Why the different treatment?



3 Responses to Why CySec did not report details of the imposed sanctions to Safecap Investments Ltd?

  1. Abdel

    Just fine amount and a co name…. How will public understand? Is this the company markets.com and how many other websites?

  2. GePa

    Yes, Markets.com is operated by Safecap Investments Ltd (http://www.markets.com/)

    How many other websites? Check:

  3. Anni

    markets.com, TopOption, FireOptions, Optiontime, 24winner, OnlyOption, Forexyard, Trade and Finexo. All these seem to belong to Safecap as found on safecap.com website.


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