Google and Samsung sign up for MasterCard express tokenisation programme 


Google and Samsung are among the first mobile wallet providers to join up to MasterCard‘s newly launched Digital Enablement Express programme, which aims to speed up the process of onboarding banks and rolling out tokenised payment services.

Express allows companies such as Samsung and Google to request payment tokens through the MasterCard Digital Enablement Service (MDES).

Financial institutions of all sizes gain immediate access to the latest digital payments services, says MasterCard, while partners such as Google and Samsung have a simple onboarding process to engage with all participating banks.

Capital One, Fifth Third Bank and KeyBank are among the first issuers to announce their support of Express.

Ariel Bardin, Google’s VP of payments, comments: “Working with MasterCard’s Express platform will give us a highly scalable way to enable issuing banks to participate in Android Pay, while at the same time, launch a service that has broad consumer access.”

Source: Finextra – Google and Samsung sign up for MasterCard express tokenisation programme

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