PwC forges closer relationships with young tech entrepreneurs at ‘Slush’ 

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PwC has teamed up with the international not-for-profit organisation that owns and organises the ‘Slush’ events, which seek to match entrepreneurs and technology talent with major corporations and investors.[1]

The relationship started five years ago in Helsinki, where the main Slush event is held. Since then, the Slush brand has expanded to gain an international reputation – its worldwide events consistently attract prime ministers and presidents, as well as leaders of listed European companies and high-profile technology entrepreneurs.

The Slush events are all about making connections, linking entrepreneurs and technology talent with major corporations, international investors, executives and the media. Their events generate a dynamic environment where ideas happen and young companies can find the support they need to take their businesses to the next level.

This year in Helsinki on November 11-12, Slush will bring together a crowd of 15,000 tech entrepreneurs, investors (VCs and Business Angels) and media representatives from nearly 100 countries.

Slush CEO Riku Makela says: “With our Slush events continuously expanding into other regions and changing/developing entrepreneurship ecosystems around the world, our collaboration with PwC was easily the best option going forward. It’s exciting to build a global movement phenomenon with such a well-respected and recognised brand.”

According to Vicki Huff Eckert, PwC’s Global Technology, Entertainment, Media & Communications Leader, the collaboration provides an opportunity to support young tech entrepreneurs and help them become established and successful.

“We’re in an entrepreneurial boom, with more than 1,500 new business start-ups emerging daily. And in five years’ time, more than half the workforce will be millennials, many of whom will own their own businesses that will be run and funded differently from the way we’ve been used to in the past,” she says.

And Henrik Steinbrecher, the PwC Network’s Middle Market leader, adds: “We already have a dynamic group of people at PwC working with owner-led and family businesses. And we are always looking for ways to serve our clients more effectively in the digital space. Our collaboration with Slush provides a win-win opportunity to work with fast-moving and ambitious companies at the start of their lifecycle and with more established companies looking to build entrepreneurial businesses within their existing businesses.”

In addition to the flagship event in Helsinki, similar Slush events have been held – or are planned to be held – in New York City, Amsterdam, Beijing and Tokyo.

[1] Slush is owned by a Nordic foundation with the official name of “Startup säätiö” in Finnish.

Source: PwC – PwC forges closer relationships with young tech entrepreneurs at ‘Slush’

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