Nearly a quarter of lawyers would quit and start their own firm 

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A poll by specialist recruiter Robert Half Legal has shown that 23 per cent of lawyers would choose to quit their current job and start up on their own if they had the capital.

The figure represents an 18 percentage point increase from the last time the recruiter polled lawyers in the US and Canada in 2005. The barriers to starting a firm have lessened in that time, with technology playing a part in flexible working solutions, reducing the need for expensive premises.

The poll was based on 350 interviews with lawyers in the US and Canada, with 175 employed at law firms with 20 or more employees and 175 employed at companies with 1,000 or more employees.

‘Just because you can … doesn’t mean you should’ 

However, Robert Half’s executive director Charles Volkert warned: ‘Just because you can go solo doesn’t mean you should. It takes an entrepreneurial mindset and a significant amount of time to develop a market presence and cultivate client relationships. It also means rolling up your sleeves to tackle administrative tasks, such as billing and calendaring, in addition to practicing law.’

Source: Global Legal Post

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