Exclusive Interview with Mr. James Glyde (Head of Business Development) – cTrader / Spotware 

James Glyde Spotware

Exclusive Interview with Mr. James Glyde, Head of Business Development of cTrader / Spotware conducted by www.onestopbrokers.com.

1) Please give us a brief description of yourself first. What is your position?

I am the head of commercial activities for Spotware, this covers sales, marketing, communications, client relationships and partner relationships. My core objective is to ensure our clients are more than satisfied with our service and onboard new brokers looking to add the cTrader suite to their product range.

2) Tell us a brief description of your company. How your company started and when? What products / services do you offer? Any special landmarks of your company’s history?

The company was founded in 2010 when we acquired a number of incredibly talented and passionate product managers, most of which remain with us today and continue to work day in day out to bring valuable updates each month.  Then and now we seek to employ only the most talented teams of developers. By mid-2011, after just 9 months our first product was released, this was cTrader for Windows. Over the following two years we released cTrader for Web, Mobile Web browsers, iOS and Android devices. In the same period we also released cAlgo. In the most recent years, we released cMirror at the beginning of 2015 and most recently our Introducing Broker program which is an all-inclusive suite for IBs to manage their business. As for landmarks, we have released many products and won many awards.

3) Tell us a brief description of your trading platform(s).

cTrader is a multi-asset class CFD trading platform enabling brokers to offer a huge range of markets without any limitation. Right now you will see our demo with over 1000 stocks from the US, Europe and Asia Pacific, including Australia, as well as a Indices, FX, Metals and Energies. We put a huge amount of focus on delivering regular updates, which are based on feedback from our end users; this is a great opportunity for our broker-clients to keep their traders engaged. cTrader has been designed to be very user friendly and easy to use for both new traders and experienced, therefore making client acquisition faster and conversion easier.

As mentioned, cTrader is available from all screens and devices using the same login credentials, allowing traders to login from anywhere and pick up exactly where they left off. Our mobile apps are packed with all the same indicators, chart objects and features.

cMirror is an open mirror trading platform which allows investors to benefit from a wider variety of strategies, since they can follow strategy providers from other brokers. Likewise, strategy providers benefit from a larger number of potential investors as they too are not restricted to followers only from their broker. It is the only such platform which allows strategy providers to decide fees for themselves and has no induction period. This may seem risky but we counter that with a huge variety of risk management tools, rich analytics and all the information you could need to determine the suitability of a strategy.

cAlgo is our complete algorithmic trading solution. It offers a number of powerful components, these include a built in code editor, back-testing, optimization, debugging and use of custom robots and indicators.

4) What makes your products and services better than your competitors? Why should a company choose you over another financial technology provider?

We offer cTrader as a fully hosted cloud based solution; this drastically reduces setup costs and time to market. We continue to maintain the trading environment in house. cTrader is hosted from most major collocation centers and connected to a broker preferred choice of price liquidity providers or aggregator using FIX API.

While we host the solution, we provide the broker with a variety of APIs allowing them to integrate with external systems to optimize the management of their business. Our cBroker systems supports a wide variety of tools out of the box, meaning brokers don’t need to outsource or develop new functionality to do what I would consider to be standard tasks, for example bonus campaigns, volume based discounts, Swap free accounts and much more.

5) Regarding the Financial Technology industry, what are the hottest trends?

The demand in retail brokers wanting to increase their range of markets is something which we have taken significant steps towards being able to accommodate. As already mentioned; we offer a very rich Equities CFD solution and support all the necessary facilities for managing and promoting these markets, such as dividends payments, stock splits and reverse splits. Furthermore we have optimized the way traders will view such markets in cTrader, they are clearly shown if a market is closed, what are the trading sessions of each market and changing margin requirements for these instruments.  There has been a lot of interest in this area.

6) Can additional features be implemented on your trading platform as technology advances?

As mentioned, we welcome all suggestions and feedback from both traders and brokers. If a broker requires any feature in order to support or grow their business we will discuss their requirements and in most cases add it to our development schedule.

We continue to update cTrader regularly to support the most current technologies and of course make sure it supports all current and new operating systems & browsers and their updates. Most importantly, we add new features on a regular basis.

7) Is there an announcement you would like to make?  

Currently we are offering an attractive offer for startup brokers. This package allows startups to access world class technology with even lower financial commitment to help them focus their resources on other areas of their business. We have seen massive success from this initiative so far having launched 10 brands since February 2016. The great part is that TopFX have stepped in to offer their Prime Brokerage services for FX and CFDs, we have combined our services and offer them together with huge subsidies for Startups.

7) What can we expect to see from your company in the future? Where do you see you your company in five years?

We have already mapped out our development plans for the next two years and we are very excited for what will come. In five years time I expect to see another 100 brokers offering our cTrader Suite. Considering we have already on-boarded 13 new brokers since the start of 2016, I think these goals are easily achievable.


Spotware Systems is a neutral financial technology provider offering comprehensive eFX & CFD STP solutions for brokers, banks and their clients. http://spotware.com/



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