A ‘tsunami’ of new lawyers in Ireland 


Brexit has contributed to a ‘tsunami’ of new lawyers here, according to the Law Society of Ireland.

Figures show the Society will have admitted an additional 1,347 new solicitors by the end of the year.

The projected figure represents an increase of 275% compared to 2015.

It also beats the previous record set in 2008 by more than 500.

“The tsunami of new solicitors has been caused by the Brexit-driven transfer decisions of some 810 England and Wales-qualified solicitors to take out a second jurisdictional qualification in Ireland,” Law Society Director General Ken Murphy said.

“They have been entitled to do this since the mutual-recognition regime between the two jurisdictions was first put in place since 1991.”

Despite the upsurge in lawyers applying to practice here, Mr Murphy said the Society had no knowledge of any England-based firms intending to open an office in this jurisdiction.

Mr Murphy said the single word that dominated all assessments of the potential impact of Brexit was “uncertainty”.

Source: RTE

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