5 Tips To Finding Crypto Liquidity Buyers 

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The evolution of cryptocurrency has been remarkable. Ever since the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, was introduced in 2009, the growth has been tremendous. Over the last few years, cryptocurrencies have gained mass acceptance among the population, investors and financial institutions. However, cryptocurrencies have experienced challenges; price volatility is one of them. Liquidity problems have led to unexpected movements in crypto prices making it difficult to exit at the right price.

In situations where low volumes result in low transactions’ and financial risks are imminent, crypto liquidity buyers provide the best possible environment and help you achieve cryptocurrency liquidity without any difficulty.

Let’s look at 5 tips to finding crypto liquidity buyers.

1. Pricing

In crypto markets, rarely do you find an existing buyer or seller. This is where crypto liquidity buyers come into play. Their job is to provide liquidity to brokers at all times. Ensure that you find a crypto liquidity buyer that will offer you the best bid price. Also, ensure that the buyer gives you the lowest possible spreads. This is important as it will protect you from taking excessive risks that could end up in you losing all your money.

2. Transparency

Find a crypto liquidity buyer who values transparency. In the world of cryptocurrencies, you will find several providers. Some of them are not very trustworthy and the transparency of their operations is wanting. Avoid buyers who raise suspicion among their clients. A good crypto liquidity buyer should be completely transparent with all rates easily viewable at all times.

3. Fast Execution

In the fast moving volatile crypto market, execution speed is key. Find a crypto liquidity buyer who understands the importance of accurate and lightning fast speeds. This will ensure that you will always get the most efficient price. Remember, if the execution speed is too slow, you might be faced with a situation where the price changes before the order gets to the market and ultimately you get a re-quote.

4. No Re-quotes

We all hate re-quotes, don’t we? It is always annoying to find out that the price you executed your trade at is not the same as the one the broker made the order. That is why you should always work with a crypto liquidity buyer that ensures that there are no re-quotes whatsoever. A good liquidity buyer will also guarantee you that all your orders will be executed at the right price and you’ll get immediate orders every time you need them.

5. High-Performance Liquidity Tools

Find a crypto liquidity buyer that has automated trading applications and a reliable network. A reliable online network will provide you with a safe and secure cryptocurrency trading platform thus, guaranteeing you constant profitable returns. Identify a network that is stable, with minimum or no downtimes and spikes experienced.


There you have it. 5 tips to finding crypto liquidity buyers. Are you a forex broker looking to offer your clients the best cryptocurrency trading with minimum risk and absolutely low fees? Global Liquidity has the best solution for you. As an industry leader in cryptocurrency liquidity, Global Liquidity has competitive liquidity for brokers. Check out Global Liquidity website at www.global-liquidity.com and learn more.

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