Spotware cTrader 3.0 Release Started 


Spotware Systems announce that they started rolling out cTrader 3.0 to brokers. cTrader 3.0 has been a long-awaited major upgrade of the popular trading platform. It is an important milestone for cTrader since it is a merger of two separate applications, cTrader and cAlgo. cTrader and cAlgo have now become modules of cTrader 3.0 and have been renamed to cTrader Trade and cTrader Automate.


The new merged application is also laying the ground for incorporating cTrader Copy, the planned successor of cMirror service, into cTrader. Eventually, traders will be able to perform manual trading, copy trading, mirror trading and trading performance analysis in a single application.

Beyond merging cTrader and cAlgo, many more new features worth mentioning are included in this upgrade like a wider range of predefined tick charts, the brand new cTrader Analyze application for analyzing trading performance, many usability changes as well as an enhanced cAlgo.API. cAlgo.API enhancements include support for Stop Limit orders, trailing stop losses, fractional volumes and Stop trigger methods. More details on those features can be found in the companies What’s New post:

Panagiotis Charalampous, Head of Community Management at Spotware, stated “By releasing cTrader 3.0, we reached a major milestone. A unified trading application that would provide a seamless trading experience alongside the entire spectrum of our users, these being manual traders, algorithmic traders, strategy providers and strategy followers, was something that we were working on tirelessly during the last year. Finally, by releasing cTrader 3.0, we managed to share part of this work with our traders and brokers, with more exciting features being on the way and to be delivered later this year. ”.

About Spotware:
Spotware is the developer of the popular cTrader Forex and CFD trading platform which is employed by a number of the largest retail brokers. The platform provides brokers with a complete technology solution for operating their business and offers wide range of trading methods for their clients including manual trading and charting from all screens and devices, copy trading, automated trading, FIX API trading, Open API trading.

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