How Forex domains help to distinguish scams 

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Having a side hustle that can bring in some money is something that we all wish we could have. Having it accessible through the comfort of your home also adds a bit more motivation for you to actually start working on it. However, the hustles you are able to do from your house are quite limited and the most popular is Forex trading. People spend most of their time of the day sitting at the computer looking at screens. At first it may seem crazy, but the amount of money you can make by simply committing to it, can really boost your views on it.

For most avoiding scams in Forex is a lot more important than the profits they can make. But some still are able to fall into large debts because of the “huge profits” that were promised to them and never arrived, sometimes these promises are even made by high authority institutions like banks. Quite the opposite, that’s where most people find out they’ve been scammed. But how do you actually distinguish a scamming broker from a real broker? Do domain names actually contribute to that?

Domains and their relationship with scams

In this day and age it is becoming harder and harder to maintain a healthy business model without going digital, hence the craze for good domain names. The brokers you encounter will always have a website, where they display most of their services. Let’s look into some of them.

What types of domains are you more likely to trust? Domains that include the services or just brand names? Well its apparent that in the financial industry, having the name Forex, stocks or crypto in your domain name is an advantage, but what can you do if a scammer gets their hand on one of them?
For example, when we look at a nice domain like, it’s self explanatory, you go there and are already aware of the service you find. But are you sure about the scam? How do you know they’re legit? It’s simple really, you can look through their website, check their regulators, see their services and read some reviews. By reading the reviews you’ll be able to get a nice feeling about the broker. Forex Bonus Lab, has a layout where they look through the broker’s services and website as well, it could be a good source to learn how to rate these service providers. After reviews the best thing you can do is to check if the broker has some social platforms, where the traders can communicate. If it lacks it, then its a topic of concern. If they do, then you have a nice way of finding out more.

Usually, scammers don’t bother with amazing domains as they cost way too much, and there’s so much a scammer can make before they have to disappear and rebrand themselves. So when you see a domain like, and etc, you can stay at ease knowing that it’s legit. But something like should be something to be concerned about.

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