iSignthis: Growth Continues……with GPTV driving revenues 

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iSignthis has issued an announcement to inform that GPTV continues to grow. iSignthis continues to be a rare growth story that is also cashflow positive.

iSignthis Merchant Settlement System (MSS) is now almost fully automated, and will deliver further efficiencies. The MSS will also provide us with a platform to ensure that we can grow to take advantage of the full network effect we are creating via the Paydentity™ ecosystem. MSS will allow us to access GPTV data on a slightly delayed but real time basis, in turn allowing us to harness detailed business intelligence for further, more granular and targeted growth with each merchant.

GPTV Update > 31 October 2019: Actual annualised (unaudited) GPTV exceeds A$2.25bn (up 13.5% from 30 September, 423% from 30 June)

  • Actual processed transactional volumes within the EU and AU PaydentityTM ecosystem continue to grow in line with expectations as new business customers are on-boarded
  • Merchant Services Fee (MSF) percentage is consistent with the targeted 125bps ecosystem average.
  • The PaydentityTM ecosystem continues to expand as a business service offering, with a focus on growth through customer acquisition and multiple revenue lines, including card acquiring and eMoney accounts growth.
  • Actual annualised EU+AU PaydentityTM ecosystem GPTV of A$2.25bn to 31 October 2019.
  • The Company continues its growth whilst remaining cashflow positive.

Find more details at: iSignthis announce that GPTV continues to grow

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