Glossary – Trading

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There are 19 names in this directory beginning with the letter U.
Describing unforgiving market conditions that can be violent and quick.

UK average earnings including bonus/ Excluding bonus
Measures the average wage including/excluding bonuses paid to employees. This is measured QoQ from the previous year.

UK claimant count rate
Measures the number of people claiming unemployment benefits. The claimant count figures tend to be lower than the unemployment data since not all of the unemployed are eligible for benefits.

UK HBOS house price index
Measures the relative level of UK house prices for an indication of trends in the UK real estate sector and their implication for the overall economic outlook. This index is the longest monthly data series of any UK housing index, published by the largest UK mortgage lender (Halifax Building Society/Bank of Scotland).

UK jobless claims change
Measures the change in the number of people claiming unemployment benefits over the previous month.

UK manual unit wage costs
Measures the change in total labor cost expended in the production of one unit of output.

A name for Brent Crude Oil.

UK producers price index input
Measures the rate of inflation experienced by manufacturers when purchasing materials and services. This data is closely scrutinized since it can be a leading indicator of consumer inflation.

UK producers price index output
Measures the rate of inflation experienced by manufacturers when selling goods and services.

A name for the FTSE 100 index.

The actual traded market from where the price of a product is derived.

Unemployment rate
Measures the total workforce that is unemployed and actively seeking employment, measured as a percentage of the labor force.

University of Michigan\’s consumer sentiment index
It polls 500 US households each month. The report is issued in a preliminary version mid-month and a final version at the end of the month. Questions revolve around individuals’ attitudes about the US economy. Consumer sentiment is viewed as a proxy for the strength of consumer spending.

Unrealized gain/loss
The theoretical gain or loss on open positions valued at current market rates, as determined by the broker in its sole discretion. Unrealized Gains/Losses become Profits/Losses when the position is closed.

A new price quote at a price higher than the preceding quote.

Uptick rule
In the US, a regulation whereby a security may not be sold short unless the last trade prior to the short sale was at a price lower than the price at which the short sale is executed.

A name for WTI Crude Oil.

US prime rate
The interest rate at which US banks will lend to their prime corporate customers.

A name for the Dow Jones index.
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