Cryptocurrency For Beginners – Bitcoin, Ethereum, And BitGold

What do you know about Bitcoin? Ever purchased/sold any? Used it to pay for something, online or at a bricks and mortar store? What about Ethereum? BitGold? If you’re ... Read More

The true role of gold

At a time of growing concern about the global financial system, it is time to remind ourselves why physical gold is so important for the benefit of the nearly ... Read More

The danger of eliminating cash

In the early days of central banking, one primary objective of the new system was to take ownership of the public’s gold, so that in a crisis the public ... Read More
BitGold logo

BitGold platform enables people to use Gold as a store of value and medium of payments

BitGold Inc. has issued a press release to announce the public launch of the BitGold platform. BitGold is inviting people everywhere to open free accounts, build savings, and make ... Read More
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