China’s central bank


China’s new digital currency

China’s proposed new digital currency would bear some similarities to Facebook’s Libra coin and would be able to be used across major payment platforms such as WeChat and Alipay, ... Read More

China’s yuan plunges again. Is a currency war coming?

The yuan weakened almost 1% against the US dollar on Thursday to hit its lowest level in a year. It has now fallen by nearly 8% over the past ... Read More

Yen Fell 0.1 Percent, Euro Was Steady, Pound Rose; Chinese shares declined

Chinese shares declined after a surprise hike in short-term interest rates by China’s central bank, though there was little impact more broadly in Asia as investors digested the Federal ... Read More

China is starting to roll back measures meant to prop up its currency

China is starting to roll back measures meant to prop up its currency after a recent surge in the yuan erased all of last year’s losses. Starting today, the ... Read More

Bitcoin price falls on news of coming from China

Bitcoin price falls as Chinese authorities meet with exchanges Bitcoin traders are once again fearful of a crackdown in one of the digital currency’s largest markets Bitcoin prices retreated ... Read More

Leveraged trading in bitcoins halted in China

Central Bank orders major trading platforms to halt leveraged trading business, and strengthen internal systems to curb money laundering Leveraged trading in Bitcoins has been halted in China, nearly ... Read More

China’s central bank attempts to boost economy with cash injection

The People’s Bank of China has loosened rules on banks’ cash reserves for the fifth time in a year in the hope cheaper loans will be made available China’s ... Read More
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China bans prepaid card provider, warns non-bank financial firms

China’s central bank on Thursday said it had revoked the license of a prepaid card provider and vowed to crack down on non-bank financial institutions that violated the law. ... Read More

China suspends forex business for some foreign banks: sources

China’s central bank has suspended at least three foreign banks from conducting some foreign exchange business until the end of March, three sources who had seen the suspension notices ... Read More

China Said to Probe Alleged Bank of China Money Laundering

China’s central bank and currency regulator are investigating a state media report that alleged Bank of China Ltd. broke rules on transferring money overseas, two government officials familiar with ... Read More
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