Cyprus Financial Crisis

Punctured euro banknotes used for training purposes are presented during news conference on German custom's annual statistics in Berlin

Are They About To Confiscate Money From Bank Accounts In Greece Just Like They Did In Cyprus?

Do you remember what happened when Cyprus decided to defy the EU?  In the end, the entire banking system of the nation collapsed and money was confiscated from private ... Read More
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Greece defies creditors, seeking credit but no bailout

Talks between Greece and euro zone finance ministers over the country’s debt crisis broke down on Monday when Athens rejected a proposal to request a six-month extension of its international bailout package as ... Read More

Laiki and the European Central Bank in the New York Times

The bankruptcy and accumulated debts of the Laiki Bank were a key element of the Cyprus financial crisis. A recent article (“To Restore Confidence in Economy, A Test of ... Read More
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Democracy or Idiocracy?

In Cyprus, we live in a democracy characterised by government by the people and/or their elected representatives: constitutional guarantees, free and fair elections, a parliament of elected members, separation ... Read More
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