Elliot Wave Analysis

intra eurusd

GBPJPY Looks Promising for More Weakness, while EURUSD and GBPUSD Look Slow

In risk-off mode I am still observing potential xxx/Jpy pairs for shorts. The one that I like so far is GBPJPY but am still waiting on another push up ... Read More
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Elliott Wave Analysis: AUDUSD Trading Higher into Wave Two

AUDUSD can be trading at the start of wave C)(visible on 4h chart), specifically at the end of black sub-wave 1. We see wave one unfolding nicely to the ... Read More
intraday usdcad feb 19 2017

Elliott Wave Analysis: USDCAD and EURUSD

USDCAD When Oil is on the rise that’s when Canadian dollar my benefit, so it’s a  surprise to see a bearish count on USDCAD. What we see on hourly ... Read More
intraday Gold analysis

Elliott Wave Analysis: EURGBP and GOLD

EURGBP EURGBP is also moving up this week, but recovery can be corrective from Feb 13 low. We are observing wave 2 which can be looking for a reversal ... Read More

Elliott Wave Analysis: USDCHF Trading in An Impulse Of A Higher Degree; Wave 4 Is In Motion

On the Daily chart of USDCHF we are looking at a higher degree complex correction, a three wave A-B-C rise of wave IV, that seems to be in action ... Read More

Elliott Wave Analysis: Dow Transportations Index and AUDGBP

Dow Transportations INDEX Dow Transportations are trading nicely to the upside, with price trading in the middle of a big red third leg, specifically in blue wave (iv) of ... Read More

Elliott Wave Analysis On EURUSD And S&P500

EURUSD EURUSD keeps trading lower within a higher degree impulsive wave, now specifically in black sub-wave 4, that can be part of an ending diagonal, that usually shows up ... Read More

Elliott Wave Analysis: USD Index Impulsively Continuing Higher

USD index was in big sideways pattern unfolding since start of 2015; slow and overlapping price action with a personality of a contra-trend movement that looks completed based on ... Read More

Elliott Wave Analysis: USDJPY Searching For A Temporary Support; Area 100/102 Seems Probable

USDJPY has turned sharply lower last week, away from 105.50 area where we think that market accomplished a three wave rally up in wave C) that belongs to a ... Read More

Elliott Wave Analysis: S&P500 Nicely Trading Higher Within An Ending Diagonal

Stocks closed much lower four weeks back, so it appears that a new bearish reversal of a higher degree is here; but that doesn’t mean that we have a ... Read More
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