emissions cheating


VW accused of emissions cheating in UK’s largest class action lawsuit

Volkswagen Group is facing one of the largest-ever UK class action lawsuits, with almost 100,000 vehicle owners accusing it of misleading them by installing emissions-cheating software that made it ... Read More

Scientists estimated that VW’s emissions cheating will lead to some 1,200 premature deaths in Europe

Scientists are working on an assessment of the health impact of excess emissions from diesel cars in Europe in the wake of the Dieselgate scandal. The assessment is a ... Read More
Nissan Qasqai

Nissan would be ordered to recall hundreds of its diesel-powered Qashqai

South Korea Accuses Nissan of Emissions Cheating on SUV Model The government says the Qashqai model’s emissions tests were rigged, but Nissan says the import meets the latest European ... Read More

VW faces tougher Justice Department while GM and Toyota settled criminal charges without pleading guilty

Government making `big deal’ of company’s emissions cheating GM, Toyota settled criminal charges without pleading guilty No one has died from the emissions-cheating software Volkswagen AG has admitted it ... Read More
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