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UK introduces measures ending the supremacy of EU Law

The UK government has begun the technical process of extricating the UK from the European Union by introducing a 66-page measure ending the supremacy of EU law. As expected, ... Read More

EU-Canada trade deal in shambles with Belgium’s arbitration revision demand

The crumbling free trade deal between the European Union and Canada may hit another roadblock, even though Brussels managed to find a way out of an impasse with its ... Read More

Theresa May lays out Brexit timetable for leaving the European Union

The PM says the UK will quit the EU “whether people like it or not” and there will be “no unnecessary delays” in negotiations. Theresa May has said she ... Read More

Second referendum ‘perfectly possible’, say top EU law professors on Q&A Reddit thread

University of Liverpool experts use social media to spread their wisdom There is “no obstacle” in law to the United Kingdom holding a second referendum on EU membership, according ... Read More

Evaluating the EU’s New Definition for Virtual Currencies

The European Commission this week adopted a legislative proposal meant to bring virtual currency exchanges and custodian wallet providers under the scope of the EU’s Anti-Money Laundering Directive. This ... Read More

EU’s highest court upholds new restrictive law on cigarettes

The European Union’s highest court on Wednesday upheld a tough EU law that will standardise cigarette packs, ban menthol flavouring and restrict e-cigarette advertising, paving the way for its ... Read More

Legal profession poll: 75% want United Kingdom to stay in EU

Survey of 1,000 lawyers and law students shows massive opposition to Brexit The overwhelming majority of the legal profession wants to remain within the EU — but there is ... Read More

EU insolvency law reform could boost growth and jobs across Europe, finds new AFME report

AFME has published new research showing that European insolvency law reform could boost GDP output and create jobs across Europe. Insolvency reform is a key plank of the European Commission’s ... Read More

Brexit: The impact on commercial relationships and contracts; 6 things you need to know

The debate about a Brexit has focused largely on the political arguments advanced by the “in” and “out” campaigns, but a departure from the EU will obviously also have ... Read More

EU influences ‘two-thirds of UK law’ – business group

A new calculation of the politically charged figure of the proportion of UK law originating in Brussels puts it at 64.7% over the past 20 years, a business group ... Read More
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