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Real Estate Stocks Continue To Rebound

Foreign and US real estate stocks extended March’s rally into the first week of April, generating the top performances among the major asset classes last week, based on a ... Read More

Do you believe that investments is a way to make a stable income? Read this before to start

Are you always interested to enter the world of investments but you do not know how and where to start? Are you looking which are your options? Investments seems to ... Read More

6 Places to Buy Property in 2017

If you’re considering combining the adventure of living or retiring overseas with a property purchase, 2017 is the year to act. The U.S. dollar is at record highs against ... Read More

London and other global property markets could benefit from Trump election

Property markets around the world could benefit from the election of Donal Trump as the next President of the United States but a lot will depend on how the ... Read More
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Saudi Arabia construction market has dropped 80 per cent, says Al Khodari chief

The chief executive of Saudi Arabia’s only publicly traded builder has estimated that the construction market in the kingdom has shrunk by as much as 80 per cent. Fawwaz ... Read More

Could China’s Housing Bubble Bring Down the Global Economy?

Who’s going to buy the tens of millions of empty flats held as investments? I’ve been writing a lot about China recently because it’s becoming increasingly clear that China’s ... Read More
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Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT)

In the aftermath of the Cyprus economic crisis, one sector that has been suffering for some time now is the real estate and construction industry. One could argue though ... Read More
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