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Crude Oil on the Way Towards March 09 Gap – Elliott wave analysis

Crude oil is bullish since end of April and is currently trading very strongly towards $35 per barrel. This can be now a temporary resistance, ideally for wave 5 ... Read More
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Crude oil rose to its highest since June 19

Crude oil rose for a sixth straight session on Thursday to its highest since June 19 on a decline in U.S. output, but ongoing worries about global oversupply continued ... Read More
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Elliott Wave Analysis: Crude OIL and S&P500

Elliott Wave Analysis: Crude OIL and S&P500 Crude OIL Because of a strong bullish momentum yesterday on oil, we think there is a chance that prices will continue to ... Read More
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Elliott Wave Analysis: Crude OIL and GBPUSD

Crude OIL Crude oil found some nice support at 51.80 last week from where a strong recovery appears to be impulsive. Ideally that was wave 1, which found a ... Read More

Elliott Wave Analysis: Big Complex Correction On Crude OIL Looks Completed; Higher Prices Could Already Be Here

Sharp reversal to the upside on the Crude Oil gives us an idea about a completed three wave correction in wave B) or 2). If that is the case ... Read More
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Elliott Wave Analysis On Crude OIL And S&P500

Crude OIL Crude oil is making a sharp bounce from 43.00 levels so we are now even more confident that deep retracement from August highs was corrective. It was ... Read More
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Elliott Wave Analysis: Crude OIL Indicates More Gains In View; 54/55 Area May Be Ideally Reached

Crude oil is trading nicely to the upside for the last four months and it appears that market will move even higher in days ahead since we see just ... Read More
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