Elliott Wave Analysis: Crude OIL and GBPUSD 

GBPUSD analysis

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Crude oil found some nice support at 51.80 last week from where a strong recovery appears to be impulsive. Ideally that was wave 1, which found a top around the 54.50 region, meaning that recent slow and sideways movement was black wave 2 that is now finished. As such current intra-day strength may be an indication for higher levels to follow within the following wave 3.

Crude OIL, 4H

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GBPUSD has made five waves up from January low which we see it as an impulsive wave up in wave 1, followed by a recent corrective move that we recognized it as a double zig-zag pattern in wave 2, that has found a bottom at the 1.2418 level. That said today’s price action is quite sharp and strong and is a confirmation for a completed complex correction and an indication for higher levels to follow. If we are on the right track, the high of wave B may be reached in a couple of days.


GBPUSD analysis




By Gregor Horvat


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