New Report Charts EU Tax Policy Changes In 2014 


The European Commission has published a new report detailing key tax reforms implemented by European Union member states during 2014 and identifies the main policy challenges they are said to face.

The report notes that the tax burden on labor in the EU is relatively high. It suggests that member states lower taxes on labor and instead shift the tax burden to other revenue bases that are less detrimental to growth and employment levels.

The report also takes an in-depth look at member states’ real property tax policies, their incentives for debt financing under corporate tax systems, their direct tax expenditures, and their value-added tax rates, reduced rates, and exemptions.

The report also delves into member states’ policies on environmental taxation, tax compliance and administration, and the impact that tax policy has played in recent developments in the area of wealth distribution and income equality.


Source: taxnews- New Report Charts EU Tax Policy Changes In 2014

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