Third Visa Europe Collab opens in Berlin 


With the Visa Europe Collab innovation hubs in London (launch date: 1st May) and Tel Aviv (launch date: 23rd May) up and running, Berlin today becomes the official home of the third Visa Europe Collab.

Visa Europe Collab in Berlin shares the mission of bringing together startups and founders with experts from Visa and its partners. As in London and Tel Aviv, FinTech startups have the opportunity to test innovative ideas in the 100 day innovation sprint, allowing them to develop successful pilot projects that could develop further into products that are ready to be rolled out to the market.

But why Berlin? It’s a vibrant, creative, international city that’s home to around half of Germany’s more than 5,000 startups. It’s hip but still affordable – making it attractive for talent from across the world. And the German economy offers enormous potential for national and international companies, making it the place to be for startups. Coupled with that the Berlin FinTech community is very dynamic, coming up with ideas, technologies and services set to change the way we pay. Exactly the kind of ideas we want to identify.

The Visa Europe Collab team in Berlin will be collaborating with Roland Berger Strategy Consultants to open a joint Digital Hub in Berlin-Kreuzberg. The Digital Hub will bring together startups and established players from different industries to develop and implement digital innovations. Visa will contribute its expertise in the payment industry and its network of partners across Europe, including more than 3,000 member banks. But the digital hub will also offer a physical space for startups and corporates of all types to work together on innovation projects.

The first successfully tested projects in London and Tel Aviv show that Visa Europe Collab can contribute to the development of the entire industry, shaping the future of payments. Our goal is to offer our member banks the best solutions on the market and to make payments for consumers and retailers as easy, convenient and secure as possible. The collaboration with Roland Berger in the digital hub adds a further perspective to this and makes Berlin the heart of innovation for Visa Europe in Germany.

Source: VISA Europe Collab

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