Court in Cyprus has upheld a decision against Facebook 


A court in Paphos, Cyprus, the Paphos District Court has upheld a ground-breaking decision against Facebook in relation of a civil suit for defamation of character.

This decision is very important on how the Facebook users are confronted.

The case was brought before the Court on April 7, 2015.

Facebook has requested to annul the decision but the Court has refused.

The suit was against a person who posted alleged defamatory comments directed to a businessman from Paphos, as well as, against Facebook which refused to remove the comments.

According the case, the businessman had obtained a Court order, back in May 5, 2015, against the Social media giant to remove the offending comments and to make sure that similar comments would not be posted again.

Facebook has appointed a Cyprus law firm to act on its behalf.

Facebook claims that Cyprus Courts do not have jurisdiction on legal matters concerning Facebook as any differences need to be solved through the Courts in California, USA, according the user agreement.

But for the specific case, the businessman at whom the comments were directed, is not a Facebook user, means that he has not any Facebook account. The businessman claims that since he is not having any Facebook account, therefore he is not obligated by Facebook user agreement.

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