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Cryptojacker arrested in Ukraine over EUR 1.8 million mining scheme

The National Police of Ukraine (Національна поліція України), with the support of Europol, has arrested an individual believed to be the mastermind behind a sophisticated cryptojacking scheme. The 29-year-old ... Read More
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Fraudulent online investment platform: five arrests of high-value targets

Eurojust and Europol have supported a new coordinated action against a fraudulent online investment platform, which has so far cost at least 33 000 victims an estimated EUR 89 ... Read More
DPO designation

Who can be designated as a data protection officer and his tasks

The processing of huge amount or personal data by companies is among the results of the digitization in the business environment in today’s world. As organisations process a huge ... Read More

One of the world’s biggest hacker forums taken down

The illegal marketplace ‘RaidForums’ has been shut down and its infrastructure seized as a result of Operation TOURNIQUET, a complex law enforcement effort coordinated by Europol to support independent ... Read More

Swiss bank UBS fined over tax evasion in French appeal

A French court fined Swiss bank UBS 1.8 billion euros on appeal for its role in helping French residents commit tax fraud. UBS took the fight to the Paris ... Read More
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Beware over Covid-19 business email fraud

Europol, the European Union’s law enforcement agency, has recently published a media release to inform that a sophisticated fraud scheme using compromised emails and advance-payment fraud has been uncovered ... Read More

Commission starts legal action against 23 EU countries over copyright rules

France, Spain, Italy and 20 other EU countries may be taken to court for their tardiness in enacting landmark EU copyright rules into national law, the European Commission said ... Read More
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Data protection: Commission adopts adequacy decisions for the UK

  The Commission has today adopted two adequacy decisions for the United Kingdom – one under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the other for the Law Enforcement ... Read More
General Data Protection Regulation

European Commission adopts new tools for safe exchanges of personal data

On the 4th of June, the European Commission adopted two sets of standard contractual clauses, one for use between controllers and processors and one for the transfer of personal ... Read More

Large-scale online investment fraud network with hundreds of victims across Europe

On 11 May 2021, a large criminal network involved in investment fraud and money laundering was dismantled as a result of a cross border operation supported by Europol and ... Read More
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